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About US

Who We Are? 

At China Fulfillment And Sourcing Suppliers, we are a team of passionate and expert managers. We have seen dropshipping businesses falling down on their knees only because of their lack of expertise in the field of e-commerce. We see them struggling with sourcing, finding the right suppliers, courier services, processing and payments and what not. This is why, we have built an all in one platform where we’ll take care of everything with fulfillment automation. Since what we believe in, is the idea of strengthening our entrepreneurs through our professional dropshipping assistance, we ensure that they remain focused only on growing their business.

What We Do?

China Fulfillment And Sourcing Suppliers is located in mainland China, which gives us the advantage of finding products at cheaper rates. With our wide network of employees, we spare you from the tedious job of arguing with different suppliers over low quality, high prices and lazy shipping services. With our holistic approach, we make the process smooth and frictionless for you because our ultimate goal is to keep your customers happy and your business growing every day. 

Dropship Supplier You Need!

The best part about us is that we can create agreement solutions for your customers for resolving their payment issues. We offer customizable options, all you have to do is talk to us about us, and you’ll find us open to all your suggestions. Witnessing Shopify sellers worrying over non-responsive courier services made us realize that a fast and reliable shipping service along with a trackable tracking number with free automation app. 

Always Ready To Listen…..

Communication is the key to a successful supply chain and our customer support remains at your disposal all the time so that if you have the question we are there to answer it. We have also given you the freedom to choose the payment method of your choice, you can either pay us through Paypal, Payoneer or even a wire transfer.So partner up with us and let us turn your dream of having a successful dropshipping business into a reality! 

Where to Find Us

3F No.47 Futang Rd.

Tangxiachong, Songgang,

Shenzhen, China



Sindax - China Dropshipping Sourcing 

And Fufillment Supplier.

Ready to help shopify and other dropshipping company.

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Sindax sourcing and fulfillment dropshipping supplier
Sindax sourcing and fulfillment dropshipping supplier

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