Sindax - China Dropshipping Sourcing And Fufillment Supplier – Sindax Sourcing And Fulfillment Dropshipping Supplier
Sindax Sourcing And Fulfillment Dropshipping Supplier
Sindax Sourcing And Fulfillment Dropshipping Supplier

Your Dropshipping Supplier Is Here!

Welcome to Sindax, The China Fulfillment and Sourcing Supplier, committed to serve dropshipping businesses all across the globe. Based in China, we are a company that understands the very requirements, processes and issues the Shopify and other marketplaces’ sellers face.

Our Fufillment And Sourcing Service

We are here to provide high-end technological solutions for dropshipping businesses. 

Our services are diverse and our sole objective is to be the integrated platform that can fulfill all the requirements of e-commerce sellers.

Quote Product Price

We understand the significance of providing value for your money, this is why we offer more than your expectations. We absolutely guarantee prices lower than top marketplaces including Ali Express. Don’t believe us? Contact us for your product right NOW!

Sourcing & Shipping

We handle order fulfillment from start till end. Regardless of the website where you are selling, we find the best items for you, package them, and deliver them to your customers. While we take care of all the aspects, we allow you to focus on your marketing, expanding your areas of business and whatever it is that can help your business grow more.

Fufillment Automation

Our free automation app allows you to stay updated with orders through tracking order numbers.By leveraging the power of fulfillment automation and technological advancement, we take care of the whole process including warehouse management system, product sourcing, flexible and quick shipping, 

Private Labeling (OEM) Product & Bulk Production

We provide private labeling (OEM) and Bulk Production options for your brand expansion. You can pick the one you like and we’ll do that for you.

Custom Brand Packaging & Thank you Card

You can custom your brand package and place a thank you card into your customer parcel

Sensitive Product Shipping Service

For delivering sensitive products to your customers, we can arrange especially dedicated shipping channels. Sending sensitive items won’t be a problem anymore!



Sindax Sourcing And Fulfillment Dropshipping Supplier

Step By Step

Want to get start? Check Guide here.

1. Plan to try our service? 

Send us the product link that you want to sell/ship so we can quote you the product price. Click support button and send ur link.

2. Looking for a long term relationship? 

We use google sheet with our existing clients, you just need to register sourcing/product link into google sheet and our staff will quote the product price for you.

3. Want to automate your Fulfillment?

With install our app, we can auto fufill order and upload tracking number to your Shopify. This only applies to our long term relationship clients.

4. Place Order and payment

Once you confirm to fufill your order, kindly send us your order in CSV file.

You can pay us by Paypal, Payoneer, Worldfirst or bank transfer.

5. After-Sell service/Support

Usually we use skype to contact each other, Please to let us know if you plan to setup your own support skype group. We have expert skype team in handle fufillment/customer service issue.

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Brief Introduction

Where to Find Us

3F No.47 Futang Rd.

Tangxiachong, Songgang,

Shenzhen, China


Sindax - China Dropshipping Sourcing 

And Fufillment Supplier.

Ready to help shopify and other dropshipping company.

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Sindax sourcing and fulfillment dropshipping supplier
Sindax sourcing and fulfillment dropshipping supplier

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